Staffing Services

We have razor sharp focus on IT / ITES skill availability in India. Whether you are looking at temporary augmentation of your staff, or project outsourcing, or direct hiring, or reskilling your staff, you will find that Integre Staffing Services can fill up the requirement speedily, efficiently and accurately.

The advantages of going with Integre Staffing:

Take advantage of Integre Staffing Services for an elevated experience. If you are looking for an efficient hiring engine at the right price performance, give us a shout.


Interim Hiring

A workforce that can be deployed with agility & alacrity under your management as an extension to your on-going or new operations.

Remote Staffing

When you have the need, but not the space to deploy additional workforce to fulfil internal / external requirements.

Permanent Hiring

Assisting you with employee recruitment to support your operations.

Skilling Services

Do you have employees who need to be skilled differently? We can take care of it.

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