AI and Automation

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In terms of using technology to improve productivity, automation is a set of instructions that is used to define the method of executing repeated processes that eliminate manual work erstwhile performed by professionals.

Automation has introduced a system of computers and machines and is increasingly obliterating the age-old synergies of Man & Machine as a system replaced a system that was built by combining man and machine. Highly intense and repetitive tasks have become efficient and the product quality has also improvised.

Artificial intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. With the increase in the complexities of technologies, the demand of Artificial Intelligence is growing as it has the ability to solve complex problems with limited human resources and expertise and within a limited time.

AI is widely used in various industries and business domains, from health care to finance, manufacturing to law, education, etc. whereas the use of automation began to increase almost a decade ago with an aim to reduce manpower and time.

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Think about the business that survived in the pandemic when a majority of work was being done remotely. They managed because of their foresight of going digital. Everything is digital from ordering food to telemedicine visits to conferences and everything in between. With AI we can really take advantage of a digital enterprise and start to automate things that were not possible before. AI and Automation have rendered unnecessary need to be physically present at a location when the same task can be performed remotely.

Every object on our planet today has software embedded in it. Trillions of lines of code that are powered in today’s businesses in every sector. Consumer products have smart phones, smart homes even cars have 100 million lines of code.

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We need powerful technologies like AI and Automation together to create new solutions from those existing assets and modernize processes across the whole enterprise.

The development of Artificial Intelligence is speeding up rapidly and combination of Artificial Intelligence with automation has started to change the business landscape. In today’s new age it is essential for us to take advantage Artificial intelligence with automation, to reduce not just human effort but also totally remove the need for such intervention altogether.