Dark Net

Hello everybody. We hope you are doing well. In our earlier blog on Dark Web, we read about different parts of the web. A quick recap:

  1. Surface web is the freely accessible web – whatever the search engines index & show us.
  2. Deep web is the web that can be accessed by login credentials only like emails & net banking. These are not indexed by search engines.
  3. Dark web is web used by illicit & illegitimate actors.

For details check https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6978029816910348289.

In Dark web, one can explore hidden sites and engage in both legal and illegal activities anonymously using the special browser. It doesn’t rely on the information available on search engines. It uses content from individual accounts like email, social media, and company data databases. People use it for illegal and unethical activities such as illegal drug sales, illicit pornography, stolen credit cards, and the exchange of stolen data.

The dark web is notorious for many illegal activities but there is a flip side of the coin too. Cyber security expert organisations fight against cyber criminals through the dark web. The presence of encrypted communication in the dark web makes it different from the other communication methods ensures privacy and security.

Cyber security experts are actively tracking the activities in the digital space to keep a check on cyberattacks and there is a lot of content available on the dark web. Let’s understand how security experts benefit from the Dark Web.

Gather Information from the hackers: To improve business security, it is important to understand the operations of the hackers to stop them before they cause damage. They can collect this vital information and hacking tools they use in their operations. One learns some new techniques to handle security threats.

Protect Information from the hackers: The hackers try to get sensitive information from organisations by hacking the systems. They might not be able to prevent such attacks but can protect the valuable information from being accessed. It can help implement cyber security shields for organisation’s data to minimize the threat.

Protect Login Credentials: Hackers often use Phishing emails to steal sensitive information about users’ login details.One learns how to handle the login credentials of users through the dark net.

How can you find out whether you are, or you are not under attack by actors from dark web? Reach out to us at info@integresolutions.com / +91 124 4288804 if you want to discuss your defensive posture.

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This is a part of our on going series on cyber protection:  https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6995620331373645825